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IGN: Delta.1074

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Raidcore started out with a simple launcher for the game. It was supposed to be the all-in-one solution for account, addon and DPS log management. Soon after its launch, however, other tools that were very similar to mine got released, so I ended up taking down my project.

Now I have returned with its successor, the Raidcore App. The future looks exciting: a whole suite of addons awaits, along with a platform to develop and distribute mods. All 100% ToS-friendly. In addition to that, Raidcore will be providing raiding statistics to help you compare with other players and see at a glance what areas of your own performance can be improved. This system will also cover Fractals, Dungeons and Strike Missions.



Community Manager, Editor, Graphics


Raidcore App Frontend (WPF), General advice

Special Thanks


They made the game!


For creating ArcDPS and continously developing the meter over the years.

Elite Insights

For developing a nowadays widespread parser, which helped all of us improve significantly by visualising encounters.