Roadmap 2022


Expected July 2022

Log Parsing is finally here! With in-game integration. You're finally able to see how you perform and how much you've improved!

  • Website: Statistics
  • Website: Leaderboard
  • Website: Log Parsing & Rating
  • Website: Player Profiles
  • Website: Guild Profiles
Desktop App

Expected August 2022

An all-in-one solution to manage addons, game accounts, evtc logs and also gain some insights. Never again bother bother with dodgy workarounds and compromises.

  • Account Manager
  • Addon Manager
  • DPS Log Manager & Uploader
  • Account Insights
  • Multiboxing

Expected September 2022

The Addon Library is here, find anything you need in one place! With it comes a selection of brand new addons, as well as old ones. On top of that the Addon Framework, allowing anyone to easily develop new addons and upload them to the system.

  • Website: Addon Library
  • Website: API
  • Addon Framework & API
  • The Third Party Bundle™

What's next for Raidcore?

We will continue to refine existing services, as well as adding new features and addons. We are also going to take a look at new horizons however. What about an in-house DPS meter? Or expanding the services to other games?

  • Bare with us, there's a lot more to come.